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Location Analytics, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence: The Genesis of the New Data Scientist

Artículo de Demetrio Barragán, Director at Strategy Big Data, Director of the Management Program in Big Data, and Professor at IE Business School, and Pedro Torres, Chief Marketing Officer at Esri Spain.

Location analytics, data analysis, and machine learning have given rise to a new professional profile that would have been inconceivable just a few years ago. Companies and institutions need experts in these disciplines to help them make predictions for all sorts of contexts. These models provide value by saving money and optimizing resource use. Your imagination is the limit.

Big data is revolutionizing the management of large volumes of information, giving rise to new solutions capable of self-teaching without help from human beings. Google’s AlphaGo, for example, shows that machines are capable of achieving superhuman capacities without human intervention. In other words, human knowledge is no longer essential.